Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House for Hot Tubs  8-10 Person UK

Expand Your Outdoor Experience with Style and Protection

The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House is the perfect addition to your outdoor gatherings, providing a spacious and protected area for relaxation, entertainment, and escaping pesky mosquitoes. This 8–10-person instant mosquito netting camping dome shelter tent offers a convenient and versatile solution for parties, gardens, patios, and backyards. With its UV resistant sun shelter canopy, you can enjoy the outdoors while staying shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

Specifications for the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo  8-10 Person

Dimensions12’x12′ (144″ x 144″)
Capacity8-10 persons
MaterialUV resistant polyester fabric
Frame MaterialHigh-quality fiberglass poles
WeightApproximately 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
DesignPop-up design for quick and easy setup
Mosquito NettingFine mesh netting to keep out insects
Sun ProtectionProvides shade and UV protection
Water ResistanceWater-resistant fabric for light rain protection
PortabilityComes with a carrying bag for easy transport
Specifications of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo
Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo

Features of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo  8-10 Person

  1. Quick and Easy Setup: The pop-up design allows for hassle-free setup within minutes. Simply unfold the tent, extend the fiberglass poles, and secure them in place for instant shelter.
  2. Mosquito Netting: The fine mesh netting serves as a protective barrier, keeping out mosquitoes and other insects. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of bug bites.
  3. UV Resistant Canopy: The UV resistant polyester fabric provides reliable sun protection, shielding you and your guests from harmful UV rays. Enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.
  4. Spacious and Versatile: With a capacity to accommodate 8-10 people, this gazebo screen house offers ample space for gatherings, parties, or simply lounging with friends and family. It can be used in various outdoor settings such as gardens, patios, backyards, and more.
  5. Water-Resistant Design: The water-resistant fabric offers light rain protection, ensuring that unexpected showers won’t dampen your outdoor experience.
  6. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality fiberglass poles, this screen house is built to withstand outdoor conditions. It is designed to be sturdy and stable, providing you with a reliable shelter.
Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo UK

Pros and Cons of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo  8-10 Person

Explore the pros and cons of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo, a stylish and practical addition to your outdoor oasis. Discover the benefits of enhanced privacy, protection from the elements, and a relaxing atmosphere. However, weigh the considerations of installation and maintenance to make an informed decision about this hot tub accessory.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Effective mosquito netting
  • Provides shade and UV protection
  • Spacious enough for larger groups
  • Water-resistant for light rain protection
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use


  • Not suitable for heavy rain or strong winds
  • Requires some effort for folding and storage
  • Limited colour options
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Customer Reviews of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo

“We love this gazebo! It was a game-changer for our outdoor parties. The mosquito netting keeps the bugs out, and the shade it provides is perfect. Highly recommended!” – Sarah T.

“The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House is a great addition to our backyard. It’s easy to set up and provides a comfortable space for relaxing or entertaining. The UV protection is a bonus, especially during hot summer days. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase!” – John M.

Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo - Review

Editor Reviews

The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House is a versatile and practical solution for outdoor gatherings. Its pop-up design allows for effortless setup, and the mosquito netting provides a bug-free environment. The UV resistant canopy offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays, while the water-resistant fabric adds an extra layer of convenience. The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate a larger group, making it ideal for parties or family get-togethers.

The durable construction, featuring high-quality fiberglass poles, ensures stability and longevity. However, it’s important to note that this screen house is designed for light rain protection and may not withstand heavy downpours or strong winds.

Overall, customers have praised the Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House for its ease of use, effective mosquito netting, and reliable sun protection. It has proven to be a valuable addition to outdoor spaces, expanding the possibilities for enjoyment and relaxation.

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How to Use the Surround: Expanding Your Hot Tub to a Full Spa Experience

The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House can take your hot tub experience to the next level, transforming it into a full spa-like retreat. Here’s how to utilize this surround effectively:

  1. Set Up the Gazebo: Choose a suitable location in your garden, patio, or backyard for the gazebo. Unfold the screen house and extend the fiberglass poles until they lock in place. Secure the structure firmly to the ground using the provided stakes or weights.
  2. Position the Hot Tub: Place your hot tub inside the gazebo, ensuring that it fits comfortably and leaves enough space for movement and relaxation.
  3. Enjoy Mosquito-Free Soaking: With the fine mesh netting surrounding the gazebo, you can soak in your hot tub without the annoyance of mosquitoes or other insects. The netting acts as a protective barrier, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy your spa experience.
  4. Stay Protected from the Sun: The UV resistant canopy of the gazebo provides shade and safeguards against harmful UV rays. This is particularly beneficial during hot summer days when you want to enjoy your hot tub without being exposed to excessive sunlight.
  5. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere: Personalize the space within the gazebo to enhance relaxation. Consider adding soft lighting, scented candles, or soothing music to create a serene ambiance. With the Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House, you can create a spa-like setting where you can rejuvenate both your body and mind.
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Summary of the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo

The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House is a versatile and practical addition to your outdoor space. With its quick and easy setup, effective mosquito netting, and UV resistant canopy, it provides a comfortable and protected area for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a family gathering, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, this screen house offers convenience and style.

To expand your hot tub experience, use the Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House as a surrounding structure. It creates a mosquito-free and sun-protected environment, allowing you to fully enjoy your hot tub while transforming it into a spa-like oasis. Indulge in relaxation, entertain guests, and elevate your outdoor enjoyment with this versatile gazebo.

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Where to Buy the Alvantor Hot Tub Gazebo

The Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House can be purchased from various online retailers and outdoor equipment stores. Check out trusted e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, or the official Alvantor website for availability and pricing. Transform your outdoor space with this convenient and stylish gazebo screen house today.

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