Canadian Spa Aspen 4 Person Far Infrared Home Sauna Review

I have been using the Canadian Spa Aspen 4 Person Far Infrared for 6 weeks now And I couldn’t be happier with the product. I have been sleeping well since commissioning and feel better every day. 

In 2014, we knew that our partnership with a manufacturer of far infrared saunas would open the door for us to work with everyone and give our customers the opportunity to receive their sauna in a timely manner. Since the beginning of our manufacturing partnership, Celebration Saunas has installed over 1,000 Farrarot saunas across Canada. When you buy an infrared device from Wayfair online, make sure you know when the product will be delivered to you. After I have experienced other infrared saunas, this is of very high quality, is relatively easy to install and has warmed up for me in no time. 

For more information about purchase, delivery and installation, please contact the Canadian Spa Company at 1-888-542-4357 or email [email protected]. 

The saunas of the Canadian wellness company are designed to exceed all required safety standards and maintain a competitive low level of EMF. Health and safety are our top priority and we are proud of our commitment to the safety of our customers and employees. 

The biophoton in our far infrared sauna will make you sweat, as the perfectly coordinated high beam infrared light vibrates and charges your cells with its path. Obviously we wanted to look in the saunas for a heater that came closest to the performance of the human body from far beyond infrared. More important than the size of the heater is the ideal infrared wavelength it provides. This ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the body, helping us to achieve the optimal balance between energy efficiency and human health while keeping energy costs low. 

The radiant heat of the Far Infrared Sauna surrounds you and accelerates the flow of oxygen, increases blood circulation and warms your body to its maximum potential. Sources: 2

Unlike traditional saunas, where the air is heated and heated, the widespread infrared heating penetrates deep into the body. Since an infrared sauna can heat the body directly, it does not have to be as hot and consume less energy than a traditional sauna. 

Spending $300-1000 or more, depending on the size of the sauna and heater, is just the start to prepare you for a long-term investment in a high-quality infrared sauna. Clearlight Infrared Saunas are offered to the Mamavation community when purchased and they are available to all of our communities at no additional cost. 

Clearlight infrared saunas are offered to the Mamavation community upon purchase and are available to all our communities at no additional cost. Clearlight infrared sauna and heating for £1,500 – 2,000 for a 4 person far infrared sauna or £3,200 – 4,300 for an 8 person sauna.

Canadian Spa Aspen 4 Person Far Infrared are available for purchase at Robert Dyas community and are available to all our communities at no additional cost. Infrared saunas with heating are available for £1,500 – £2,000 for a 4-person sauna or £3,200 – £4,300 for an 8-person sauna. 

These saunas use infrared technology to deliver the best sweat at 120-140 degrees and are offered to all our Mamavation communities at no extra cost when purchased. Infrared sauna differs from traditional saunas in that it heats the body directly by means of electromagnetic waves, while traditional saunas warm the air. If you choose a steam or hot rock sauna, you will be able to forego the heat of the sun and the comfort and convenience of a traditional steam room. 

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