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HSE Cedar S-Shape Sauna Backrest (1, Red Cedar)

£69.99  in stock
as of June 16, 2024 10:13 pm


  • QUALITY CEDAR WOOD - One of the few S-shape sauna backrests made entirely with beautiful Canadian red cedar wood, the traditional wood of choice in saunas.
  • ERGONOMIC S-SHAPE - A comfortable curved backrest designed to fit the natural arch in your back while covering any infrared heat panels.
  • INFRARED SAUNAS - Keep your back away from your sauna's infrared heaters. The safest, most relaxing way to enjoy an infrared sauna session is with a curved backrest.
  • TRADITIONAL SAUNAS - Relax more comfortably on your traditional sauna's bench by leaning back on a curved backrest, rather than the bench's right angle.
  • 1 BACKREST INCLUDED - Each high-quality cedar backrest is sold separately.