DHARANI Outdoor Sauna for 4/5 Persons (2022 New Model)

The DHARANI Outdoor® Outdoor Sauna for 4/5 Persons (2022 New Model) is made of natural wood and has spacious and comfortable room for 4/5 adults. It has 1,500 watts electric heaters, two windows, three doors and two side air vents. Furnished with a convenient bench and cushions, the sauna creates a private space where you can relax, rest and enjoy the warmth. If placed near windows or in an open area, it will allow warm air to flow out and surrounding scenery can be seen clearly.

Manufacturer‎GLOBAL RELAX
Product Dimensions‎149.86 x 149.86 x 190.5 cm
Power Source‎Corded-Electric
Wattage‎2100 watts
Plug format‎G – Square plugs. British type.
Batteries included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No

Dharani Outdoor Sauna Review

Dharani Outdoor Sauna Review. The outdoors have always been of significant importance to people. In the outdoors, people have a sense of freedom just like they do in the homes. One of the ways they can get their freedom is by using the sauna.

The DHARANI Outdoor Sauna is one of the best ways to get clean and keep your body feeling refreshed day in and day out. This model features a drainage pipes, specially designed for outdoor places, beautiful red colouring and a duration of 3-6 hours of uninterrupted use! When the weather gets too cold for you it’s time to think about buying an outdoor sauna. We have many options for you to choose from.

This review will show you if the Dharani Outdoor Sauna is any good and whether it’s a good investment.

Pros annd Cons of the Dharani Outdoor Sauna

Pro’s include: a well made outdoor sauna with plenty of room for 4 people. Heated by a Harvia branded heater. Easy assembly.

Con’s include: Requires extra careful maintenance due to being outdoors. Needs access to external power sources.


  • Comes in four pieces and can be assembled by one person
  • Heated by a Harvia sauna heater
  • Has room for four people
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs external power sources
  • Can degrade over time if not taken care of properly
  • Requires maintenance and upkeep, especially if left outdoors

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been thinking about purchasing a sauna. You know they help you relax. But are they right for your home? The answer depends on where you live and other details of this purchase. For example, you might like the idea of an outdoor sauna so that you can enjoy a sauna in the evening or on a rainy day. Perhaps you don’t have room inside your home for one – the Dharani 4/5-person sauna might be just what you need. But is that realistic when it comes to maintenance? And what about the wood used for this unit? How easily will it weather due to the harsh conditions outdoors?

Dharani has been producing saunas for many years, and their products have received excellent reviews. This 4 Person Sauna is a far cry from the small portable infrared saunas that you’re used to. It’s big, sturdy, and built to last. A Dharani Outdoors Sauna is a great investment for those who have decided to go all in on their spa.

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