How much does a sauna cost to run?

The cost of running a sauna is mainly the cost of the Electricity if the Sauna is a Electric sauna/ or Infrared Sauna so we breakdown the cost of running the electricity part here, read for the full running cost of a home sauna:

Cost of Running a Home Sauna

The cost of running a home sauna varies depending on the sauna model, cost of electricity in your area, and what features you opt to add. In this article, we will focus on a standard home sauna.

How much Electricity does a Sauna Use / what is the cost of running a Sauna in the UK?

The average electric sauna has a 4.5kw electric heater. To heat the Sauna up takes 40 minutes, 20 minutes in the Sauna, then you have use 4.5kWhfor the Sauna. 1 kWh averages at 17.2p according to BEIS (Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy). Therefore the cost of running a Sauna per session is £0.77. So running the Sauna twice a week will cost £1.54 per week or £6.67 per Month or £80.08 per year.


£80.08 per year for 2 20 minute saunas a week.

How Much does a Infrared Sauna cost to run?

Infrared Saunas are cheaper to run than standard electric Saunas, they heat up almost instantly. Also the the average heater in a infrared sauna is 1.75kw so for a 30 minute sauna session you use 0.88 kWh and at 17.2p per kWh the cost of a 30 min sauna is 15.1p, therefore 2 30 minute infrared saunas per week costs 30.2p per week, £1.31 per month or £15.70 per year.


£15.70 per year for 2 30 minute infrared saunas a week.

What’s the Cheapest Type Of Home Sauna To Run?

As you can see the cheapest type of sauna to run is the Infrared Sauna in the UK, with the cost for a 1.75kw run twice a week is only £15.70 a year. Of course a lot of people use there saunas more often than this, but you can see that running an infrared sauna is not going to break the bank.

Reducing the Cost of Running a Home Sauna

There are a few ways of reducing the running cost of a sauna, there include opting for either a sauna tent or an infrared sauna. These options the time it take for the heat of the sauna to reach the perfect temperature is reduced. The reduction in heating time means the overall time you are paying to heat the sauna is reduced. The other way is to ensure all members of the family either use the sauna together, or one after the other, meaning there is less heat up required for each sauna run.

We all know that heating costs are rising therefore the cost of running a sauna is a big part of the consideration when looking at buying a sauna. But remember we all need a little “me” time and a sauna is the perfect place to relax.

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