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At Century Sauna we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to the home spa experience. We have been selling, fitting and advicing customers on which are the best hot tubs and saunas to buy in their price range accross the UK.

Why Buy a Hot Tub and Sauna From Century Saunas?

  • 45 Years of experience in fitting, selling hot tubs and saunas in the UK
  • Family run business – We are a family run business with a heart in luxury
  • We are owners of both Saunas and Hot Tubs ourselves therefore we live this business.
Meet the Century Saunas Team

About Century Saunas

The Team at Century Saunas are here to make selecting a home Sauna, installing and upgrading as easy as pie. We love creating a home spa environment and have years of expertise in installing home saunas, hot tubs and home therapy rooms. We bring the Spa home, for you to enjoy a little bit of Spa luxury in your home and garden.

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