How to Make a DIY Sauna in the UK

When it comes to a sauna you do not always have to get an expert in to make you one from scratch nor do you need to buy a premade plug and play option either. For those who like a project or have some time on their hands there is another option, making a DIY Sauna.

There are a number of ways to make a DIY Sauna, we will run through the options, including, making an inside DIY Sauna, converting an existing room into a Sauna, creating an outside sauna and converting an outhouse such as a shed into a useable outdoor Sauna.

How Much Does a DIY Sauna Cost to Make?

The final cost of a DIY sauna varies a lot depending on where the Sauna will be places. But converting a shed or an existing room into a infrared Sauna will cost around £300 for the Infrared heater, air vents and cabling needed.

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